Curriculum Development Workshop for Humanities

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Humanities Curriculum Development Workshop

The Humanities Curriculum Development Workshop is a dynamic and collaborative initiative aimed at enhancing the educational experience in the field of humanities. This workshop provides a platform for educators, curriculum developers, and experts to come together, share knowledge, and develop innovative approaches to humanities education. It is a response to the ever-evolving educational landscape, ensuring that humanities curricula remain relevant, engaging, and effective.

Workshop Objectives:
1. Curriculum Enhancement: Collaboratively review and enhance existing humanities curricula to meet the needs of contemporary learners.

2. Interdisciplinary Learning: Promote the integration of interdisciplinary approaches to foster a holistic understanding of humanities.

3. Innovation: Explore and develop innovative teaching and assessment methods to improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

4. Diversity and Inclusion: Ensure that humanities curricula are inclusive, diverse, and reflect the global and multicultural nature of today’s society.

5. Research Integration: Facilitate the integration of research opportunities and methodologies within humanities programs.

Expected Outcomes:
– Enhanced and modernized humanities curricula.
– Innovative teaching methods and strategies.
– Increased interdisciplinary learning opportunities.
– Strategies for promoting diversity and inclusion.
– Integration of research experiences within humanities education.

Who Should Attend:
– Educators and faculty in the humanities.
– Curriculum developers and designers.
– Researchers and experts in the humanities.
– Educational policymakers.

Speaker: Turnwait Michael, PhD

Time: Oct 18, 2023 11:00 AM West Central Africa

Meeting ID: 787 2387 0121

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