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At the UJ Methods Lab, we’re not just a place, we’re a movement, a revolution dedicated to transforming the future of research in Africa. Our mission is to break down the barriers that have historically limited knowledge access and to build bridges of understanding, collaboration, and innovation.


Inspire and Equip

Join us for a vibrant array of webinars, thought-provoking podcasts, and interactive workshops. Explore the latest trends in research methods, data analysis, and scholarly communication—all for free.


Connect and Collaborate

Become part of our dynamic network connecting researchers, students, and lecturers from across Africa. The African Research Innovation Network provides extensive directories for connecting with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators, transcending geographical boundaries.


Empowerment for the Digital Age

We’re not just about events and networking; we’re about empowering you with the skills to thrive in the digital age. Our learning resources cover open science, big data, computational methods, AI, and more, making scientific education accessible and relevant to African communities.

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    Test 3 x

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    Curriculum Development Workshop for Humanities

    Humanities Curriculum Development Workshop The Humanities Curriculum Development Workshop is a dynamic and collaborative initiative aimed at enhancing the educational experience in the field of humanities. This workshop provides a platform for educators, curriculum developers, and experts to come together, share knowledge, and develop innovative approaches to humanities education. It is a response to the…

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